Top 4 Extremely Hot BK8 Esport Betting Products For You

Esport BK8 is a top-notch, professional entertainment and betting playground that receives very good reviews from the betting community. Here, in addition to watching the competition of the players, you can also bet freely, giving yourself the opportunity to receive attractive prizes.

1. What is Esport BK8 and its attractive and interesting points?

BK8, also known as BK88 (BK88vn), is no longer a strange name in the betting community. Although it has only been launched a few years ago, but thanks to the convergence of many advantages: diverse betting types, good security, enthusiastic player care … the number of members joining the house has not stopped. increase.

What is Esport BK8 and its attractive and interesting points?

Esport BK8 is an e-sports betting lobby that offers players very attractive bets. Major tournaments are organized and reported, updated in a separate lobby, offering a variety of bets for players to choose from and accompany their favorite players on the professional e-sports arena. .

The Esport lobby at the BK8 bookie continuously updates the exact information of the table, the time of the match for each Esport game for you to bet on. Timely updates to bring objective judgment, bringing high chances of winning bets for players.

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2.Top 4 super attractive BK8 Esport betting products

At the Esport lobby of the house BK8, players will be able to watch and bet on many different video games. The betting products here are all cooperated with the provider IM E – Professional and world-class sports, specifically:

Top 4 Extremely Hot BK8 Esport Betting Products For You1

Top 4 super attractive Esport BK8 betting products

2.1 League of Legends (LOL)

This is an Esport game that is loved by many young people because of its vivid graphics, diverse gameplay, and the use of many smart tactics and strategies. Esport BK8 captures this, so it has brought a lot of interesting odds and bets for all domestic and international league of legends tournaments.

2.2Dota 2

Dota 2 is also an Esport game storming the market. The house BK8 quickly added this game to its playing hall, bringing the most attractive tournaments on the planet for bettors to follow and place bets quickly and easily. With a variety of bets, high reward rates, players will feel extremely excited when participating in this playground.


One of the entertainment products at Esport BK8 is CS: GO – a single-combat or team-competitive shooting game. The matches are fierce, dramatic, held for many seasons in different regions of the world. At the Esport lobby, the bookie BK8 has offered a lot of attractive bets such as: betting on each match, betting on the winning team… Along with that, the bookie also continuously gives information about each match and analysis from each match. experts so that players can choose their own easy-to-win bets.


PUBG is also a virtual video game with great attraction at Esport BK8 lobby. This is a survival game that is loved by many people around the world. Similar to other Esport games, the house BK8 also updates many large and small PUBG tournaments in the country and offers many bets with valuable reward rates to bring excitement to players.

3.How to participate in Esport betting at BK8?

As analyzed above, the Esport lobby at BK8 has a huge attraction for bettors. To participate in Esport BK8 betting, players will perform the following basic steps:

3.1Step 1: Visit BK8’s homepage

Players need to find the correct link to access the BK8 house homepage or simply download the BK8 app to their phone to easily log in quickly.

3.2 Step 2: Register an account

If the player is not a member of BK8, they need to register a new account by entering the “Register” box in the right corner of the screen. Please enter exactly the required information such as registration name, password, phone number … for the registration process to be successful.

Top 4 Extremely Hot BK8 Esport Betting Products For You2

3.3Step 3: Login, top up

The next step to be able to bet Esport BK8 is to log in to the house. Then deposit a certain amount into your account to be ready to bet.

3.4Step 4: Betting Esports

Players will need to select “Esport” -> IM E – Sports. Then select the Esport game you want to participate in and bet on your desired door with each individual match.

Thus, information about the Esport BK8 lobby, how to participate in betting on this lobby, has been shared by us in detail at the top of the article. Please join this bookie as soon as possible to experience the top and super exciting betting activities!

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