Introduction & Guide to the Hottest Bingo Shooting Game 2023

ST666 Currently, there are many attractive online games that attract players to participate, one of which is the online Bingo shooting game. Let’s find out in detail about the advantages, how to play and the best shooting tips to win great prizes with this game in the article below.

1.Features that attract players of Bingo shooting

Bingo shooting is an online game that is storming the online entertainment market today. The most attractive part is the extremely eye-catching design of the game interface. The colors are harmonious and do not hurt the eyes when playing for a long time.

Bingo online shooting was launched at the end of 2020 and so far it has attracted hundreds of thousands of participants. Coming to Bingo to shoot fish, you feel like you are immersed in a fanciful and attractive ocean scene. In addition, Bingo also offers many different types of shooting fish that allow you to unleash your experience.

All of them come with a high reward rate that you cannot ignore. Let’s continue watching the share below to learn about the best way to play shooting fish!

2.Instructions on how to play the simplest Bingo shooting

Here are the steps to play Bingo shooting that you can refer to:

Step 1: Choose the most suitable fishing table to experience.

Step 2: Select weapons to shoot fish: Bombs, explosives, cannons and bullets. Players can exchange items with bonus points, bonus coins or recharge to buy.

Step 3: For big fish, use the cannon to shoot. If it is a small fish, drop bombs to kill the most prey or spray poison on the fish.

Step 4: Finish the fish shooting game, collect the loot.

3.Weapons in Bingo shooting

Some weapons are provided in the Bingo shooting game such as:

Cannon with 7 different loading levels. Allows the player to defeat any target. For small fish you use small bullets. The bigger the fish, the bigger bullets must be used to defeat the prey.

Explosive bombs have the effect of destroying all fish in a range of locations. This weapon is often used for large schools of fish to save a lot of bullets.


Poison is used to kill the prey that appears on the screen. This weapon is often used for small fish that are easily defeated.

Radioactive aids hit higher targets. Each goal will be counted as double bonus points.

Electrocution weapons have the effect of paralyzing fish and standing still. From there, the player can easily shoot down the prey.

Shark traps are used to capture swimming prey. Even the big fish.

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4.Types of fish in Bingo shooting game

In the online Bingo shooting game, there are popular fish types as follows:

4.1Fish swim in schools

A few minutes after the start of the shooting game, the first fish will appear. They usually swim in a certain direction. The player’s task is to prepare weapons to defeat the most prey in the herd. Usually you can choose dynamite or poison.

4.2 Single swimming fish

Single swimming fish are usually fish of many sizes from small, large, medium large and very large. They often swim in a non-stationary direction and do not follow the herd. These single swimming fish are very easy to kill. Just a few bullets, you can shoot them.

4.3 Big fish

Big fish is also known as the big boss at Bingo shooting. Usually they will appear near the end of the game. This type of fish has a long life, so players need to equip them with good weapons to be able to defeat them.

5.Some advantages are only available at Bingo fishing

Shooting fish is considered the top online game today. This is because it possesses extremely attractive features that bring great experiences to players. As follows:

5.1 Various levels of shooting fish

Bingo shooting has many different levels of play for new and long-time players. In it, if you are new, you should choose the most basic levels to practice your shooting skills.

As for the experienced players, you can choose a higher level to satisfy your passion. The higher the level, the more attractive and diverse the rewards.

5.2 Fast transaction

The thing you are most interested in is probably the exchange trading system. Because after the intense fish shooting battles, you will gain a lot of valuable loot.

The quick exchange of bonuses will make a good impression on each player. There are many other ways to redeem rewards such as: Get game cards, exchange cash for bank cards or exchange game items.

5.3 Attractive reward exchange rate

Shooting Bingo fish has a very high exchange rate. Specifically, when exchanging bonus points for cash, players will receive at a ratio of 1:1. Especially the transaction process will not take any cost. All will be supported by the game portal to exchange for free in the shortest time possible.


5.4 Many promotional events

Participating in online Bingo shooting, you will also experience countless great events. For example, donating cannon items, large bullets or bombs. All of these items can be used at fish shooting matches.

Some fish shooting events are competitive organization to create conditions for players to interact with each other. From there, you can learn more experience and make more friends.

Thus, the above article is the most attractive Bingo-related information that we have synthesized. With these tactics and bloody experience, we hope to help you get as much loot as possible. If you find the article useful, follow us to receive more great articles about online games!

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