How Can You Smartly Play Ludo Online?

 In case there is any game that has always made a great place in the routine and lifestyle of folks at large that would be surely Ludo. While this game has served generations of people in the form of board game, now it is trending in the shape of digital game.

When you look at the past, you would find yourself playing this game so much in the physical format but have you ever thought of bringing that thrill to your life now too? so, you must be excited to know how you can smartly play this game online and win, right? So, this post is going to help you know it all. Stay tuned!

Open up the tokens

Once playing this game on the web,one thing that you should definitely od is drop a six. Once you are doing that, you have to open up your token. The point is you have to keep on rolling the dice and reach your home. when you wisely open up your tokens, you can definitely win the game!

Never just work on one token alone

You know what;you can be the winner once you find your tokens inside home triangle. The point is you can make the most of that moment by simply moving all your tokens and not simply sticking to one alone. Make sure that you do move all your tokens throughout the board. This is something that aids in moving your opponent’s token/s and even blocks it from going ahead of you. Such type of a trick boosts your chances of winning as well.

Stopping the tokens of your rivals

You have to be sure that you are not letting the other opponents take their tokens ahead. You have to work on your tokens and try to block the tokens of the other players so as to defeat them. When you do that thing, you can be confident that you are playing well and you have the chance to win the game. Come on, blocking the tokens is one thing that you cannot simply miss out on because otherwise you would give the opponents the chance to get ahead and win.

Simply stop the tokens of your opponents

When playing this game online, your main motive has to be tackling your opponent’s each move by sending their tokens to the beginning. You should be smart and wily in your moves as it might pave way to win the game and even some handsome rewards. Of course, it is all about getting ahead and stopping your opponents. So, once you find in this position, do forget to simply capture your opponent’s tokens! Come on, ludo is all about stopping others from stopping you.


To sum up, you can try out speed ludo and bring back the charm, fun and enjoyment of this game in your life. You would be glad to make such a move as it gets you earning too if you play and win. So, there is no harm in trying out something exciting like this!

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