HealthTap – Offers Primary Care

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual primary care provider that offers quality care at an affordable cost.

The platform also features an AI-powered symptom checker that helps users assess symptoms and potential causes before deciding to book a virtual consultation with a doctor.

Video Visits

HealthTap – Primary Care offers video visits that provide you with almost instant access to a doctor’s expertise. You can choose to pay one flat fee per consultation or subscribe to their Prime plan for unlimited visits at a discounted rate.

HealthTap also offers a free online symptom checker powered by AI that may help you figure out what’s wrong with you. The symptom checker provides you with a list of possible causes, as well as guidance on what to do next.

The company’s primary care doctors conduct comprehensive virtual medical evaluations that capture a complete view of their patient’s health profile. The information gathered during these visits can be used by partner health plans to close gaps in care, perform risk adjustment, and improve member outcomes.

Text Messaging

HealthTap – Primary Care is the latest addition to the growing list of telehealth services that allow patients to communicate directly with medical professionals via text messaging. It is a great option for people who want to see a doctor but don’t have the time or money for a face-to-face appointment.

The service is available for $15 a month, which includes access to a network of U.S. licensed physicians who answer questions on the app or through the web.

It also allows users to book $39 video appointments with their chosen doctor and access a library of health information provided interactively by the HealthTap network of nearly 140,000 U.S. doctors in good standing. The company also gives members the opportunity to peer review their own doctors through a rating system.

In-App Chats

HealthTap – Primary Care has an in-app chat feature that allows members to ask their questions to a network of U.S. doctors across 147 specialties.

Users can type a question into the chat window, and doctors will respond to their questions for free. In addition, members can see responses to similar questions they have asked in the past.

The company’s goal is to make the information it provides more accessible, especially in developing countries. That’s why HealthTap has become a part of Facebook Messenger.

By being a part of this popular messaging app, HealthTap can get 900 million users to access its resources. It also lets the company use artificial intelligence to answer questions in a way that’s more helpful for consumers.


E-prescribing capabilities allow physicians in the HealthTap network to send prescriptions to a local pharmacy or directly to your home. These medications are typically 75% less expensive than brand-name meds, making them a good option for patients.

HealthTap also offers a free library of doctor-answered questions, as well as an AI-powered symptom checker to help you determine whether you need to see a physician.

Members can book a video appointment with a doctor of their choice, or receive a follow-up text message from the same provider. They can also ask the doctor about their medications, order lab tests, and get referrals to specialists.


HealthTap – Primary Care offers referrals to doctors for a wide range of conditions. These include mental and behavioral health, online therapy, sexual health, travel medicines, chronic care, senior health, wellness, and prevention.

To ensure quality care, all physicians on the HealthTap platform undergo a stringent verification process and hold valid medical licenses. The company also accepts hundreds of insurance plans and works to make healthcare as affordable as possible.

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