Who are you, Jake Paul

In the last couple of years, there has been some interest in the personality of Jake Paul. Of course, we paid attention to him after several successful fights with former UFC champions. Moreover, this name did not appear in international sports reviews and releases.

Now you can make a prediction on him or on a fight with his participation, which in itself is surprising. Although if you download betting application, you will be surprised at the variety of options.

But if you are a boxing or MMA fan, have you repeatedly wondered who Jake Paul is?

How it all started

·        At the age of 16, he published his first video and in just a few months he became a popular vlogger and prankster

·        At the age of 18, he began acting in a youth series from the Disney company

·        At the age of 20, he created a creative agency.

One of the highest paid YouTubers and bloggers, her net worth is tens of millions of dollars.

After breaking up with Disney, I became interested in professional boxing.

First steps

He started his career with the same blogger as himself. Managed to win, and by knockout. Then he had a duel with Nate Robinson, a basketball player. The meeting ended just like the last one. Then there was a series of new victories:

·        over Ben Askren

·        Tyrone Woodley

·        Anderson Silva.

Now his “target” became Nathan Diaz.

A showman or a boxer?

There is no definite answer here. Let’s start with the fact that MMA fighters are really dominated by mixed martial arts. Askren and Woodley’s base is wrestling, Silva became a legend in the UFC, and not in boxing, although he once started with it.

Potential rival Diaz is a master of jiu-jitsu, not a professional ring.

Therefore, Paul spent his first 5 victories by knockout, which is not surprising, since wrestlers and other fighters cannot show their skills, constrained by the limitations of boxing rules.

Based on this, it was more of a show than real fights.

A real fight at last

Of course, we are talking about a fight with the Spider. Two boxers actually met here, however, one is 2 times older. However, there were no knockouts and could not be. There was a knockdown in the eighth round, in fact, immediately after the gong. Actually, only he allowed to win on points. This prompted “on a wave of euphoria” challenge even Alvarez, but most likely they will not meet. Why?

Only old men go into battle

All opponents of the blogger have the prefix “ex” and older athletes. Woodley, Askren, Silva are already at the end of their careers, and all are in a series of failures. Bookmakers and bettors have already become disillusioned with them, transferring them to the rank of losers.

Therefore, fees from 500 thousand dollars are a huge gift for them, it’s not for nothing that Woodley fought twice already. As for the Spider, he was generally paid a million.

With Saul Alvarez, the situation is exactly the opposite:

·        a real professional boxer, unlike Jake;

·        is in great shape and favored by various ratings;

·        obscenely rich, the highest paid member of the boxing community.

The outcome of the duel is clear in advance. Who to bet on in the betting application is also clear. Only one thing is not clear – what can the blogger “star” boxing? So the challenge was clearly just bravado.

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