The Most Accurate and Complete Way to Play Sic Bo in 2023

Over and Under is a betting sport that brings a lot of profit to bettors with a simple way of playing. However, not everyone understands well about the doors placed in the game. Follow the following section of nhà cái 789BET to get the most accurate answer.

1.The concept of playing Big Sic to earn money correctly

Big Small or Big Sic is a betting game based on the results of the shaking of 3 dice. Depending on each playing field, the required number of points Big or Small will not be the same, usually from 4 to 10 buttons are identified as Under and from 11 to 17 buttons are called Big.

In addition to the main player Big and Small, there are other side doors and each rafter has a different Odds ratio. In addition, there are currently 2 different forms of playing Tai Sieu: in real life and playing for money through online bookies.

2.Learn about the rules of the game and the bets of the Big Small game

Over and Under is an easy-to-win betting game with many different players. To know exactly each specific game door, please follow the content below.

2.1 Rules of the game and a betting round in Over and Under

In a big and small bet, there will be components including a Dealer and a box of dice. At the beginning of the game, the shaker will manually stir or press the button for the 3 dice inside the box to be mixed.

After that, the results will be announced if the score is from 4 to 10 players who bet Small or Small will win, if points are between 11 and 17, the player who places Large or Big will win the bet.

In addition, there are many other side bets that will also be determined immediately after the results of the 3 dice. Each casino has its own content and odds, so bettors need to be careful to choose the correct one.

2.2 The players appear in the big and small dice game

When coming to the online real money dice playground, you will experience 2 main and secondary players. So what’s in the main and secondary doors, and follow the following information of 789BET for details.

Large/Small or Big/Small: The sum of the 3 dice from 4 to 10 will be small, 11 to 17 is big. The payout when winning will be 1:1, which means that placing 10,000VND will have 20,000VND.

Even/Odd in Big Small: If the announced total is an odd number of bets, the person who placed that tile will win and vice versa, the reward exchange rate is the same as the Big Small bet, which is 1:1.

The player plays a specific total number of buttons: The player bet will guess the specific number of points in a bet. Depending on the specific number of points, the payout ratio will be different, the highest is the bet box of 4 or 17 buttons with a ratio of 1:50.

Same Triple Bet: Pick 3 of the same dice and correctly guess the point on the face of those 3, you will get the odds of winning 1:150.

Couples Player: If the result is two dice the same, you win the bet and get a payout of 1:5.

3. Tips to win in Big and Small game

Not only need to know the specific rules of Big Sic, but bettors need to apply some tricks to win the game. So what exactly are those tips, follow and share below to understand.

3.1 What is the best way to play when rolling the dice?

There are many different types of bets available in betting today. From the Bet bridge, the Ziczac bridge, or the 1-2-3 rule, every genre has a very high probability of winning.

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However, not everyone can choose for themselves a correct path. In each different game, the rules of the dice will be different. Therefore, before participating, you must spend a short time initially researching the betting requirements.

If playing at online betting sites, bettors will be provided with a specific statistics. Players should rely on that to find the most effective way to lose money.

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3.2 How to make money to win big in Big Sic?

Because it is a game with a huge risk factor, so if you want to win Big and Small, the factor of choosing a player and putting down your money is very important. Specifically, the main doors where there is a Big or Under box will have the lowest reward exchange rate with 1:1.

However, this is also the place with the highest win rate, so you need to consider carefully before choosing. If you want to invest in the long term, the main truss will be very suitable for you.

However, if you want to win bigger than bet, you should choose the players with high Odds. In particular, according to the experience of many veteran players, bettors should play on their own profits for difficult doors. That will help you feel more confident and make decisions easier.

Above is all the content on how to play Big Sic, compiled by 789BET and sent to bettors. It’s a game with easy rules, so don’t hesitate to invest here to make big profits

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