Shocking 789BET Promotion Revealed 2023

Not only is a bookie that provides the top entertainment products in the market, but 789BET also excels at making its name in the top of the game portals with an overwhelming incentive system. So what events does the promotion at 789BETs include? Is the bonus level as great as the rumors?

1. Is the promotion program at 789BET really reputable?

It can be seen that the demand for entertainment betting and receiving promotions of players today is extremely high. That is why many bookies and gambling sites have been born to meet this need. However, the “shining star” that stands out above all the big boys of the same time is 789BET.

It is known that 789BET is the house that owns the largest number of participants in the market. And in order to fully serve the wishes of all gamers, this place has continuously renovated and upgraded many services, including the promotion program at 789BET. So is the offer at the house reputable?

Capital is licensed by the European Parliament and Commission to operate in the entertainment industry, so most events and offers at the house are strictly and closely monitored. Therefore, players can be completely assured when participating in promotions at 789BET. And whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, your chances of winning big are unlimited.

2.Check out the great promotions at 789BET

It is known that the events and incentives at 789BET are highly appreciated by the market in terms of scale and quality. So to have a more comprehensive view of this service, follow the promotions that are only available at 789BET.

2.1 First time deposit – Instantly receive VND 8,000,000 into your account

A promotion program with the role of “new member gratitude” has been officially released by the house. So if this is your first time accessing 789BET, you are lucky. Because you will have the opportunity to immediately receive a discount of up to 100% of the top-up card value for the first time you make a deposit.

Shocking 789BET Promotion Revealed 20231

However, what makes the gaming community wobble when it comes to it is the maximum bonus amount of VND 8,000,000. This is considered a valuable opportunity for you to earn huge capital for yourself.

Not only that, this promotion program at 789BET also creates a variety of deposit – withdrawal methods such as: Via momo wallet, bank account, fastpay, virtual money,… But please note that you need to refund After 20 rounds of betting, the bonus can be withdrawn. If after 30 days, the player does not complete the bet turnover, the entire bonus amount and winnings will be reset to 0 VND.

2.2 Endless 1% bet return event

Becoming a member at the bookie, players will also have the opportunity to participate in a shocking gratitude event with 1% refund of the bet. This is not only a promotion that applies to all members, but also an endless offer of unlimited amount. Therefore, you can fully enjoy the experience to seize the opportunity to bring back your pocket full of money.

Shocking 789BET Promotion Revealed 20232

However, this promotion at 789BET only takes place at 13:00 golden hour daily and is only applicable to sports betting and card game halls.

2.3 Lucky draw is very fun

It is known that the saying “drawing prizes, receiving thousands of joy” has become the most discussed topic of gamers in recent days.It is known that this is a promotion program at 789BET that can satisfy enough. attractive criteria – good luck – great reward So what’s interesting about this event?

Not to disappoint you, the promotion at 789BET is not afraid to spend a large amount of the bonus of 50,000,000 VND for the special prize. In addition, the player who wins the first prize also has the opportunity to immediately win 10,000,000 VND to his account. And then the second prize with an extremely attractive 3,000,000 VND.

Not only that, the way to participate in this event is also quite simple. Players only need to register an account and make a deposit to have a lucky lottery ticket on hand. At this time, the code on the ticket will be the basis for receiving the prize.

3.Conditions to receive 789BET promotion bonus

It can be said that the game portal has been extremely dedicated when always encouraging all members to participate in receiving rewards. And one of the most effective measures of the bookie is not to have high requirements on terms and conditions of registration for promotions. Players only need to meet the following criteria.

Shocking 789BET Promotion Revealed 20233

Each player can only receive one promotion at a given time.

Accounts participating in promotions at must be genuine, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Must fulfill the turnover to receive the bonus.

Fully comply with the requirements and policies when participating in promotions at 789BET.

Thus, the above article has clearly listed the promotions at 789BET as well as the conditions to participate. So to receive hot rewards every day, bettors quickly register and access the house.

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