Everything you need to know about soccer betting

Soccer betting makes every match exciting and gives a chance to grab a nice profit. Many people bet on favorite teams, athletes or competitions, because they have the most knowledge about and bond with them. Then a bet is placed that seems like a good choice purely on feeling. Although there is of course nothing wrong with this non-binding way of gambling, it is of course not the best method to get real results with sports betting. When you want to bet on a soccer match via the Betsquare website, we advise you to use the information we mention below. 

The core of sports betting is that you place a bet with a betting office or an online bookmaker. Suppose Feyenoord has to play football against Ajax. The betting office will then determine on the basis of statistics how likely it is that one of the clubs will win or that it will be a draw. They subsequently adjust this estimate. They do this by including the bets of gamblers in the assessment. Bettors are given the option to bet on one of the many options available. The possible multiplication of your bet is called the odds of the bet.  Example of odds: Feyenoord – Ajax: Feyenoord win 3.15 – draw 3.10 – Ajax win 2.28 If you bet ten euros on Feyenoord and they win, you get: 10 x 3.15 = 31.50 euros. 

It is important to understand how the odds work globally. There is always a small advantage built in for the (online) bookmaker. It is never the case that you can bet on all outcomes and then always break even. If two boxers are completely equal according to the bookmaker, the odds for both will be around 1.95. At a real 50/50 with no house edge you would of course expect 2.00 for both.  The idea is, if you want to gamble professionally or take profit in the long term, to beat this bookmaker’s house edge. This is exactly the point that makes sports betting difficult. Especially because any incorrectly estimated odds are straightened out very quickly. Gamblers will bet a lot on this, so that this option will automatically be adjusted downwards.

The above example is of course very simple. In practice you will see that there are often dozens to hundreds of different betting options per match or tournament. It is not essential that you know all the options inside out. But these types of bets are useful to learn:

  • Handicap: one of the teams starts with a head start. 
  • Over/under: For example, more or less than 2.5 goals are scored. 
  • Specials: betting on a specific event. For example: Lionel Messi scores a goal or Sergio Ramos gets booked. 
  • Outrights or ante post bets. Predict the winner of an entire tournament or competition. 
  • Combination bet. Betting on several bets at the same time with one bet. The odds are added together. If all three are good, you can even grab a nice amount with one euro.

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