Casino Welcome Bonuses: Real Opportunity or Traps?

In the recent period that we have lived, many habits have changed. In a panorama of profound and rapid change, all online activities have seen their market penetration increase. Among these is online gaming which is increasingly accessible and convenient. If accessibility is guaranteed by ever faster devices, convenience comes from promotional offers on the web. There are numerous sports bookmakers and online casinos that attract new users by promising bonuses and free money. However, are these offers that the web has filled up with very quickly really real? Or do they hide some strange trick that escapes at first glance? Let us try to better understand the issue of casino bonuses.

The incredible notoriety of online casino welcome bonuses

One might think that casino welcome bonuses have only recently become popular. In reality, these offers exploit a classic psychological leverage that has been used commercially for a long time. In fact, everything that is offered, discounted or even free has always had a strong influence on a potential buyer. Even online gambling operators have understood this by drawing heavily on a marketing technique that is as old as the world.

Specifically, different types of offers are used, each of which is addressed to specific groups of potential new users. In fact, online casinos like pg slot เว็บตรง have two main problems: getting new users to register and convincing those who are already registered to continue playing.

Fascinated by these offers many people do not take the time to read the details of the conditions placed in the offer. Casinos and bookmakers don’t give away money but at most, they can let anyone who decides to try the service offered play for free, or almost. The goal of the casino is to acquire a new player while the goal of the latter is to be able to make money from promotional offers.

The most popular bonuses and promotions

There are several promotions that casinos on the web launch with a dense cadence. Generally, to convince and thank a new member, the first offer is the welcome bonus. This can be mainly of two types:

no deposit bonuses;

bonus with deposit.

The no-deposit offer provides a small gift, often of a modest amount or a little more, paid to the player for the simple opening of the game account. This money cannot be withdrawn without playing but can be used on all or part of the tables and slot machines.

The bonus with deposit is instead an increment of the first operation of replenishment of the account. It is generally on the first deposit and the gift could even reach 100/150% of the amount deposited. In all cases, it is never possible to directly withdraw the amount received in the form of a bonus without having played it. The reason for this is simple: casinos are not charities and only give away money to play and replay. However, bonuses can be converted from gift money to real money and are withdrawable like normal winnings. To be able to do this, you need to reach the so-called wagering requirement.

Welcome bonus: traps or opportunities?

Accepting bonuses is not mandatory, you can also refuse them and play only with your own money. The problem is understanding whether the bonus you receive is actually convertible into real money or not. To do this you must read all the terms and conditions provided. The game requirement is the most important one.

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